How to Make a Windows Image

In this tutorial, we will go through a simple process to create a Windows image with the Windows Media Creation tool.

Announcement: New SMART Features

We are delighted to announce that SMART has added additional features.

When we add new features, our priority is to help our customers save time, and provide better experiences for their own customers.

What is SaaS?

The idea of ‘The Cloud’ can be a confusing concept for those not familiar with cloud computing. ‘The’ with a singular noun ‘Cloud’ initially seems to refer to a single entity, which is misleading. In addition, ‘Cloud’ invokes a celestial entity in the sky, which, for the uninitiated, seems to name a highly complicated and ephemeral concept that only experts can grasp. In fact, ‘The Cloud’ and cloud computing is usually much simpler than the name suggests.

How Can We Solve the E-Waste Crisis?

A significant proportion of the world’s waste is e-waste; waste which results from discarded electronic devices. Per capita annual e-waste generated globally has increased from 5.3 to 7.3 kilogrammes.  In total, this amounts to 50 million tonnes of e-waste per year, which weighs more than all the commercial airliners ever made. If current trends continue, global e-waste production will reach 120 million tonnes.[2]

What is a Windows citizenship license?

If you’re an IT Refurbisher who provides a public benefit, companies provide discounts on certain software as a way of supporting your work. Microsoft provides this kind of discount for their Windows licenses for refurbished PCs and laptops. This discounted license is called Windows Citizenship. If you’re eligible for discounted licenses, you won’t want to […]

How to sign up to SMART

SMART creates a frictionless online experience for Refurbishers to manage and deploy digital Microsoft Windows licenses, without the need for on-premise hardware or lengthy technical setup. By the time you finish reading this article, you will be able to inject legtimate Microsoft Office Licenses sourced through a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

How to switch to digital Windows licenses

If you’re a Refurbisher, sooner or later you will need to switch to digital Windows licenses. The alternative to digital, paper licenses, will soon run out. Using unreliable keys from suspect sources carries multiple risks and you will need to show your customers that you are installing legitimate licenses. Today, legitimate Windows licenses can only […]

9 Risks of Cheap Windows 10 Keys You Must Not Ignore

Avoiding the risks that come from cheap Windows 10 keys is essential to ensuring that you can continue to provide high quality refurbished products.
Let’s go through the 9 biggest risks of buying cheap Windows Microsoft Keys. Then, we’ll outline the ways that you can mitigate these risks.