Webinar – Authenticity Matters: The Advantages of Genuine Microsoft Licensing for Refurbishers

Join SMART and Microsoft for our upcoming webinar, “Authenticity Matters: The Advantages of Genuine Microsoft Licensing for Refurbishers”.

Discover the importance of genuine Microsoft licensing in the refurbishment process and understand its impact on customer trust, device performance, and support from Microsoft.

Explore how becoming a Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher can elevate your business and how our SMART solution can streamline your licensing process, saving you time and money.

This webinar is a must-attend for all refurbishers seeking to boost their operations and deliver high-quality, trustworthy refurbished products to their customers.

The Ultimate Guide to Refurbishing Automation with SMART

Automation in the refurbishment process is important for decreasing operational costs and increasing speed of refurbishing. Reducing the amount of time that your technical team spends on each device can give you a competitive advantage in your refurbishment process.

Announcement: New SMART Features

We are delighted to announce that SMART has added additional features.

When we add new features, our priority is to help our customers save time, and provide better experiences for their own customers.

How to sign up to SMART

SMART creates a frictionless online experience for Refurbishers to manage and deploy digital Microsoft Windows licenses, without the need for on-premise hardware or lengthy technical setup. By the time you finish reading this article, you will be able to inject legtimate Microsoft Office Licenses sourced through a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

9 Risks of Cheap Windows 10 Keys You Must Not Ignore

Avoiding the risks that come from cheap Windows 10 keys is essential to ensuring that you can continue to provide high quality refurbished products.
Let’s go through the 9 biggest risks of buying cheap Windows Microsoft Keys. Then, we’ll outline the ways that you can mitigate these risks.