Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program

We have provided detailed information tailored for both end users of refurbished devices and refurbishers. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the program, the benefits of using SMART, and the requirements for becoming a recognised Third Party Refurbisher (TPR).

What is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

For Refurbishers: The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program is a partnership designed to support the largest device refurbishers globally. It enables these refurbishers to professionally refurbish Windows devices and preinstall genuine Microsoft software, ensuring high-quality customer experiences.

For End Users: The MAR program ensures that refurbished devices you purchase come with genuine Microsoft software, providing a reliable and secure computing experience.

MAR Program Overview

  • Access to exclusively discounted genuine Microsoft licenses for refurbished computers.
  • Opportunity to create market differentiation through:
    • The sale of a refurbished PC with genuine Windows 10 & 11 operating system software and Office.
    • Ability to sub-distribute genuine software licenses to Third Party Refurbishers (TPR).
  • Services and solutions that drive additional revenue and profitability.
  • Recognition and evangelism as a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.
  • Access to engineering support, technical trainings, and tools to simplify the deployment process.
  • Non-profit software license availability through a Citizenship program.
  • Access to exclusive Microsoft events.
  • Marketing Development Funds: MARs can apply for funds to accelerate the growth of their business by performing select marketing activities.

How does my company become a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

For Refurbishers: To qualify as a MAR, your company must refurbish over 20,000 devices per year. Becoming a TPR first and demonstrating a good track record of compliance and purchases increases your chances of becoming a MAR.

Microsoft MAR Requirements:

  • Sufficient source of secondary PCs eligible for MAR Windows licensing.
  • Capability to deliver high-quality refurbishment, including data wiping and reporting systems.
  • Preferred certifications in data security and environmental standards.
  • Alignment with Microsoft MAR licensing requirements to support efforts against non-genuine offers.
  • Proven track record as a TPR with high volume purchasing.
  • Large geographic reach and distribution capabilities.
  • Financial stability and strong credit history.
  • Appropriate security measures for Microsoft licenses.
  • Differentiation in the MAR sales channel.

For Interested Refurbishers: If you don’t meet the criteria to become a MAR, consider starting as a TPR. Contact a MAR in your region to learn more about the TPR program. While the minimum requirement for working directly with Microsoft as a MAR is 20,000 keys per year, you are able to use the MAR logo if you work with a registered MAR and purchase over 5,000 keys per annum.

What is a Third Party Refurbisher (TPR)?

For Refurbishers: A TPR is a company that does not meet all the requirements to become a MAR and thus transacts and reports to a MAR. This typically involves a lengthy onboarding process and requires on-premise hardware for key injection and reporting.

Benefits of Using SMART:

  • No need for on-premise hardware.
  • Simplified and quick sign-up process.
  • Recognition as an official refurbisher under the MAR program.
  • Access to the same resources and benefits as MARs if purchasing over 5,000 keys per annum.
  • Use of the MAR logo and branding on your website.

For End Users: Ensure you purchase from recognised refurbishers that provide legitimate, licensed software on refurbished devices.

But my devices already have a key?

For Refurbishers: While it may seem convenient to use the key in the BIOS, there are important considerations around software transfer and proper licensing. The MAR program provides genuine Microsoft Refurbished Labels (GMRL) and ensures compliance with licensing agreements.

Benefits of MAR Program:

  • Genuine Microsoft Refurbished Labels (GMRL) with holographic stickers.
  • Protection against software piracy and ensuring customer trust.
  • Avoiding risks associated with autopilot removal and ensuring devices are not locked to previous profiles.

For End Users: Purchasing devices refurbished under the MAR program ensures you receive legitimate, licensed software and avoid potential issues with non-genuine keys.

How do I know if my device was refurbished through SMART?

SMART is one of the largest Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers globally, supporting over 600 refurbishers in more than 40 countries. To verify if your device has a MAR key injected by SMART, use our Genuine Refurbished Device Checker. Enter your device’s serial number to check if your device is legitimate.

Interested? Got Questions?

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