Auto Inject – Client

14 November 2022

Client/Portal Updates

Automation Settings:

  • Automatically install missing drivers*
  • Auto inject key*
  • Auto run SysPrep*

These settings can be toggled from the Client Settings page or by using the SmartConfig.txt override.

“Wait On Results Screen” – When using auto inject, upon completion leaving this checked will stop the machine from shutting down and hang on the final screen for the user to manually run SysPrep.

Windows 10 Home, Pro and Pro Education20H1, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, 22H219041, 19042, 19043, 19044, 19045
Windows 11 Home, Pro and Pro Education21H2, 22H222000, 22621
SMART Supported Operating Systems

Where? SMART Client & Portal

When? 15th November 2022 – 0845hrs BST

Please note the site, app and client may be briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance at the times listed above.

* Settings available on our Essentials and Pro plans.